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aini posted @ 2015年8月05日 14:33 in 未分类 with tags Runescape Gold , 176 阅读
Today, the gateway for a strange new world opens. Explore Mazcab's shifting forests and exotic ruins as a solo player or assume the highest combat challenge of ten player Raids!
Operate the improved Grouping System to manufacture a band as much as ten like minded heroes, and battle two mighty bosses in Runescape Gold.
Claim level 90 tank armour, the most powerful loitering and new, tradeable abilities, for all those three combat styles.
Explore the goebies' strange planet while using the ever shifting Nemi Forest for your settlements of Kanatah and Otot.
Lead them to transport goods between their two settlements in the cheapfifaquickrs, perform tasks, and battle the airut that roam the goebies' world.
The Liberation of Mazcab only has just begun. Please read on for more info!
Poppy Vida 说:
2018年10月01日 13:38

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