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aini posted @ 2015年8月04日 10:44 in 未分类 with tags Buy FIFA 16 Coins , 155 阅读
Conversely, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team’s end game still involves making the cheesiest team possible. The Victor Ibarbo’s, Emmanuel Emenike’s and Romelu Lukaku’s of FUT 16’s world still run things since there’s a major emphasis on speed and strength to Buy FIFA 16 Coins. So, if you haven’t been a fan of FUT 16’s faster, high scoring take on the sport, this year’s mode does little to change your mind. Upgrades elsewhere don’t seem substantial. Career mode gains easier player searches, less volatile locker rooms and better scouts out the gate if you manage a big club. Online seasons haven’t changed. Match Day’s more in depth and add to the game’s improved presentation outside of the rehashed commentary from cheapfifaquickrs.
Another person said, “Server problem almost all the time Why can’t I login into my account it keeps saying that I’ve logged on into another device? Which I didn’t I already invest lots on it u sucksss EA.” Yet another user commented, “ I hate this game, because it says error to server when I’m connected to a perfect Internet connection and it says somebody bid but I know nobody did that and red cards why can’t they sit out next game. It’s still not working, fix this stuff.” Another player commented today, “So many problems and yet EA keep fobbing me off when I get hold of them. Great game but too many problems.”
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