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aini posted @ 2015年8月11日 11:27 in 未分类 with tags futseller , 130 阅读
As you can see there are some absolute belters in here, especially George Best. That's just out of this world. In addition to that there was the confirmation that all Xbox players would get a 3 game legend loan to Buy Fut 16 Coins at, but we don't know who it will be yet, possibly someone unannounced?
The other big piece of legend news is that they will now share an orange link with any other player, which means sharing just a nationality with another player is enough to form a green link making legends easier to fit in cheapfifaquickrs dehjdkscncx.
There are of course some notable absentees based on players you guys normally suggest, so just a point to bear in mind. The players themselves have to actually want them to be in the game for it to happen. It isn't necessarily because EA don't want to have Ronaldo for example, I'm sure they do.
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