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aini posted @ 2015年7月28日 11:36 in 未分类 with tags Fifa Coins Account , 139 阅读
A few weeks ago, the number one star Lionel Messi flew to Buy Fifa Coins Account, Gabon to wait the groundbreaking for the stadium. In line with "France Football" reported that Macy seriously isn't liberal to head over to Gabon to participate in this, but received 3.5 million euros in compensation.
Port Gentil is Gabon oil city plus the second largest city, in fastrsandcheapfifa will likely be held here, which is to the African Nations Cup Stadium was built. In the main stadium, Messi laid the building blocks stone to the project, "flea" smear cement shape appears to be a norm. Macy's arrival caused a great sensation of Gabonese President Bongo of Gabon, regardless if the driving force himself to Messi. Gabonese President Bongo praised Messi abide by the commitments: "While i went along to Barcelona quite a while once i saw Messi, he said however are available in Libreville to view that this is his promise in my opinion of promise, he is a trustworthy person. "
"France Football" reported that Macy's is not only friendship attend this launch, however the other party to obtain an incentive of 3.5 million euros in Messi this came to Gabon is matchmaking by his former Barcelona teammate Samuel Eto'o, Eto'o president of Gabon has close personal relationships and. "France Football" also said Massey visited Gabon and didn't have a whole lot of connection with the area population, but also in order to attend the groundbreaking from.

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